Free Chevron Print Download

The kitchen the previous homeowners left us has a nice layout, but lacks the pretty I would like.  The budget lacks the money to make the pretty I would like.  Sooo, instead of remodeling my kitchen, it gets….a picture!  
Just how frugal is this gal?  The picture my kitchen is getting is going to be in a free frame from my mom.  (I dug it out of the “items to be donated” box!)  This picture frame is getting painted with free paint from a lovely little coupon I used at a hardware store!  Plus, I created the print with chevron digital paper I had for my store.  
If you need to add some pretty somewhere, you can have the print for free!  
 Free Chevron Print Download
 **Click HERE to download the print.
1.  I took the frame and sanded it.  I am a novice painter (should be read, when I paint it looks like it was done by a little kid!!).   I guessed on what sandpaper to use and used 220.  It seemed to do the trick.  Then I wiped off the dust with a rag when I was done.
 2.  I love bold greens so I choose “Vine Green” by Benjamin Moore.   After I got it home, I was a little nervous it was going to look too primary in color, but it turned out great.  It took 3 coats of paint to get it to the look I was going for.
3.  I waited for it to dry, printed off the print, cut down the print to 8×10 and stuck it in there!  I am in LOVE.  I love green…and I love chevron.  Perfect combo.
Free Chevron Print Download
Free Chevron Print Download
4.  I plan to hang it right above my sink after I get a command strip for the wall.  It is tiled, so I figured that would be the best way to hang it.  I hope you love it too and get to add some pretty somewhere in your house!
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How to Make Resurrection Eggs

I want my children to know the Easter story.  I want them to be able to tell it to me and know it in their heart.  I have seen Resurrection eggs for sale and liked them, but found them to be a little pricey.  I have seen some people make them on their own, but they included fun little objects for each of the eggs.  I’ll be honest, that just sounded like too much work.  Plus, it was going to be difficult to do for each of my 3 children because I knew they would each want their own set!
I decided other people might have this same situation, so I set out to make a download that everyone could use if they just:
  • printed these two pages
  • found 12 plastic eggs
  • kept (or emptied) an egg carton
Ok, ready for the easy directions?

1. print the free download (Click here to print.)

If possible, print on card stock to make them sturdier.  The first page contains the 12 cards you will use to tell the Easter story.  Each card has the picture and word(s) to describe that part of the story.  The second page has a short version of the Easter story to tell to your children when they open the corresponding eggs. 

2.  cut out the 12 cards

I like to use a paper trimmer to cut them, but scissors would work fine too.  (This is the paper trimmer I have.)

 **3.  totally optional–laminate the cards**

I like to laminate mine because I have a laminator and it makes the cards sturdier.  However, this step is optional because you have this download to print as many as you need if something happens to them!  (I have this laminator and love, love it!)


4. collect 12 plastic, Easter eggs and egg carton

I found a bag of 42 eggs for $1.97 at Walmart.  (I made a set for each of my 3 children.)


5.  write the number on the eggs

I used a permanent marker to write the number on the outside of each egg.  I also like to write the number inside the corresponding spot for each egg in the egg carton if they get dumped out!


6.  put the cards in the eggs

Now you are ready to put the cards inside the correct eggs and snap them shut.

7.  share the Easter story

Have your child open and egg and you tell them the part of the Easter story that goes with that picture.  Next time, have your child tell you the Easter story.
Have you made these before?  Are you going to do them this year?  I’d love to see pics if you make them! 
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Somewhat Simple