Want to Start Couponing? No Extreme Couponing Skills Needed. part 1

I am far from an extreme couponer.  TLC is not calling my name to be on their show.  I do use some coupons and get some deals.  I think of couponing as more of a game and that makes it fun.  My dear husband is kind and will sit and listen to my exciting shopping trips and all the money I saved!  
If you don’t know much about couponing it can seem overwhelming, I agree.  I want to help simplify it for you and point you to a few amazing blogs that do a great job simplifying the confusing world of coupons!  
Here are some baby steps to help you dip your toe into the world of couponing.  


Follow Some Blogs to Show you the Deals

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You can choose the method that you use to follow the blogs: Twitter, Facebook, RSS, or email.  I have been following blogs for many years now and can tell you there are some awesome ones out there.  The bloggers will share the deals for the week with the match-ups for the coupons you will need.  The coupons can be ones you print out, get from the newspaper, or get from the store.  

Blogs I Recommend:

1.  Money Saving Mom

2.  Moms By Heart

3.  A Thrifty Mom

4.  Commons Sense with Money

Along with deals for the week, these sites have tips on how to coupon at each store (Walgreens, CVS, Target, etc) and they also share lots of great random deals.  For example, I read from a blog that Toms of Maine was giving away free children’s toothpaste samples and signed up.



Subscribe to the Sunday Newspaper

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If you live in a small town, this probably means you need to subscribe to the newspaper in the city nearest you.  Check your mailbox for specials on subscriptions.  I get my paper for $1 a week and that includes a Wednesday and a Sunday paper.  This will be your go-to place to get the coupons you need.  Some people get multiple copies of the newspaper.  But, we are starting small here, so just start off with one.


Find a System for Filing Coupons

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Don’t be nervous!  This one may take some time to find out what style works best for you.  I have tried a couple of different systems and for this season in my life, I put the date on the front cover of each insert.  Then, I file each insert (whole) in its own plastic sleeve in a binder in chronological order.  This works well if you are only using coupons to stock up on the really good deals of the week.  
Another method is to cut apart all of your coupon inserts for the week and file each coupon under its specific heading in chronological order.  This works well if you are going to take all of your coupons with you while shopping to pop out that coupon on the clearance shampoo.  You will get a better savings out of this method, but it is time consuming.  (Your file doesn’t have to be as large as the one in the picture.)   
If you would like to see more coupon organizing systems in depth, check out these blog posts:
1.  Stretching a Buck: Coupon Organization
2.  Penny Pinchin Mom: Keeping Those Coupons Organized  
If you coupon, what are some tips you would give to a newbie?  If you are new to the idea of couponing what questions do you have?


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